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Redirect.com is a service where you can either purchase or sell your traffic. Using Redirect.com's competitive bidding platform it's easy to purchase traffic from email newsletters, display websites, pop-ups, etc. Or you can choose to monetize your traffic via the monetization platform.

Buy Traffic 

Purchasing traffic through Redirect.com is very simple. After creating your account (link), you're introduced to the competitive bidding platform with two main varieties of traffic. They are: 

1. Native Ad Email Newsletters & Websites - From large brands such as Merriam Webster to niche newsletters and websites such as The Daily Meal, all publishing partners have built organic, true opt-in lists and website traffic that receive high engagement.

In addition to extensive targeting capabilities such as a specific properties, ad slot placement, geolocation, device and browser, etc., your native ad retains 100% of the look and feel of the newsletter including on mobile.

Most important, your ad is seen by real people not bots so you know the traffic you're receiving is real.

2. Redirect Traffic - We take the traffic from websites that is not being monetized and redirect it to the bidder to battle it out in the competitive bidding platform. This traffic ranges from pop-unders to highly competitive and difficult to find domain traffic in a variety of verticals and niches. 

Sell Traffic 

Do you have excess traffic that you're trying to monetize? We have combined forces of traditional domain parking, top affiliate offers and a competitive pool of bidders to provide the best solution to redirect monetization. 

What does this mean to you? It means that bidders from all over the world will constantly bid on your traffic to increase your bottom line. In turn, any traffic leftover from bidders is automatically placed with top affiliate offers to provide the most highly sought after monetization solution in the industry. 

Have 90 Seconds? Check Out Our Video On Native Ads

What Redirect Users Are Saying

We have been using The Parking Place's International Redirect Solution for several months now and it's an amazing service! It's great to be able to get some extra revenue without having to spend the time optimizing and searching for different international campaigns. With The Parking Place, it's all done for you!

Matt Stowe

The Parking Place has allowed us the opportunity to monetize remnant traffic from 30+ international counties. It’s free, easy money. All you do is setup the link they give you and The Parking Place does all the work

Chad French

The Parking Place gives me more analytics and ways to cut costs and increase revenue. Over the years I have used every single solution on the web. The Parking Place's service is hands down the best service in the industry.

Pat Avery

Native Ad Placements In Newsletters & Websites

What You Should Know About Newsletter & Website Natives

Get The Engagement Your Brand Deserves

Native advertising in email newsletters delivers some of the highest engagement rates seen in Internet marketing.  Get your brand the engagement it deserves.  Sign up for an advertiser account and instantly promote your content or offer in premium publications.

Higher Engagement

Native ads in email reach a captive audience and provide a higher engagement than typical display units.  Subscriber engagement can reach as high as 300% with native advertising.  

Growing, Premium Inventory

Native ads in email newsletters is new and inventory from premium publishers is growing monthly.

Custom Formats

Ad units are 100% customized to the publisher's look and feel creating a seamless experience to the subscriber while increasing the perceived value of your advertising message.

Advertorials & Native Display

Promote full content pieces or native-style display ads. Either format will attract quality, top of funnel engagement.

In-Stream Placement

Native ad units are placed in the newsletter's news stream for maximum noticeability of your content or offer.  In-stream placement provides maximum value for content marketing.

Easy Setup

If you've advertised on a social media network then you're ready to advertise with Redirect. All you need is an image, copy, and a link to where you want your traffic to go.

Find Your Market

Device Target Location

Whether you're targeting by location or device, Redirect will help you pinpoint your target ensuring maximum efficiency with your advertising efforts.  Additionally, you can add personalize your advertising creating a better experience for your audience.

Geo Location

Target your ads based on any geographic variable such as state, city or town.  For a greater impact, you can reference audience location directly in your ads.


Whether you only want to target mobile or desktop or just iOS devices Redirect gives you the ability to focus your offer on the device where it will resonate the best.  


If you ad performs better with Internet Explorer users rather than a Safari users Redirect will help you identify this case and retarget your efforts to the highest yielding browser.